Shepherd’s Pie Hole

January 8th, 2011 by

I think I owe kudos to Bioware for Mass Effect 2, and it’s all because of Shamus Young’s LP, Spoiler Warning. If you’re not familiar with the medium, LP is short for Let’s Play. It’s a blogging genre where gamers record their progress on a playthrough. Your blog may vary, but most are two parts MST3K and one part eSports.

Spoiler Warning‘s latest project is Mass Effect 2, which they coincidentally launched immediately after I finished my own playthrough. The game’s dialog has felt wrong as I’ve watched the series, and I think I’ve finally worked out why. Shamus and co. are playing through with the default character model for Commander Shepherd immediately after I spent 20 hours with my own custom model.

Seeing their Shepherd deliver the same audio assets as mine is like hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice come out of Elijah Wood. It’s creepy, wrong, and probably the coolest thing I’ve experienced with a video game since I played Amnesia. Bioware’s art team deserves credit for animating and modeling Shepherd so smoothly that I got habituated to her face in the same way I might with a human.

Well that or Shamus’s Shepherd is a witch who stole my Shepherd’s voice.


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