Still Sick

October 31st, 2011 by

Hello ladies and germs, but mostly germs. I’ve been playing realtime strategy against viral invaders for the past weeks, but it’s looking like I’m not very good at this. That said, being laid out by disease has given me a chance to give you two recent game recommendations for the terminally ill:

Batman: Arkham City
The flowing rhythm-based combat is fairly forgiving and doesn’t demand lightning reflexes. Also, the game’s 400+ Riddler trophies are so pervasive and the corresponding play so repetitive, it’s only really suitable for players who are just conscious enough to be bored.

Dungeon Defenders
Can you say infinite level treadmill? Furthermore, DD is flexible take on the tower defense genre, suitable for both strategic and tactical play. So while you lay dying, you can focus on low-pressure tower building, leaving the hectic action part to your automated defenses. Then, if you recover, you can start working on your melee skills. Now if they’d just get their banner feature (cross-platform play) working. Seriously guys, this is supposed to be a joke.

Edit: Ok, after the second corruption of my saved data in forty hours, I have to withdraw that recommendation of Dungeon Defenders. This game really isn’t ready for primetime yet. Give it about a year to get its act together, and then check it out.

Hopefully those’ll keep you busy while I finish recovering, because it is seriously impossible to update when I just want to sleep.


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